Britek ev ERW Tire

New mechanical wheel


britek EV erw tire. The pneumatic Tire can no longer keep pace with the demands of Electric vehicles.

britek space age composites and nano rubbers do it better! First ‘High Speed’ Airless!

Kitty Hawk moment February 4, 2009 USDOT High Altitude Testing Laboratory.

50+% improvement in rolling resistance. Hyper Speed Capable.

16 – 22% improvement in Drive Train Efficiency.

Customer Testimonials


Millisecond reaction speed

Pneumatic tires are notoriously slow to react in an emergency. ERW reduces the crash potential.

zero maintenance

Always ready.

ERW Near Unstoppable, like You.

Hyper Speed capable

What’s inside an ERW?

Space Age Composites do it better! Double digit more efficient, Never Flat.