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Airless Tire

ERW Testing 

USDOT Laboratory tested ERW demonstrated 50% better coast down 55 mph. - 0 vs a 35.5 psi. pneumatic tire.

Bicycle ERW tested Oxylane Laboratory Finland
42 watts to turn a 1.5 meter drum at a constant 20 kph while weighted with 50 kilos.
The other "airless" test 75-80 watts.

ERW at NASA Rover Challenge 2014 airless requirement back to back top ten finishes.

2014 MTSU moon buggy team earns Neil Armstrong Design Award


2015 Third in world, MTSU lunar rover team regains lofty U.S. status


Tennessee Tech NASA Rover Challenge 2014

TTU Lunar Rover Team Places Seventh in NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge


Screw Force Accumulation and Return 16% - 22% increase in drive train efficiency. Balance irregular bicycle pedal stroke.

Hub Displacement and Screw Force Powered "Rebound Response" to the Pull of Gravity...Plus for the first time in history... "Wind Resistance". Linear displacement returned as surge.

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