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When ordering... A "UNIT" consists of front and rear ERW's mounted on top quality carbon wheel sets, spokes and top quality hubs.

When ordering... "Hoop sets" consists of 2 ready to install ERW hoops, traction layer, elastic pulls and attachments. .

Be the first to get these custom, unique ERW prototypes, order today and get into our very first public offering.

Our prototype production launch features hand fabrication using only the very finest components available. Single wall carbon nano tubes, carbon fiber, Kevlar and titanium. Custom tuned for your body weight and application.

Engineered to last ERW should provide mile after mile of carefree riding. You can break anything so we request you treat them as if they cost a small fortune IE yes they do.

Always wear a helmet, obey your local speed limit laws and please ride responsibly. The additional speed and immediate handling is very obvious so be prepared to pay additional attention to your surroundings.

Furthermore wheeled vehicles are potentially very dangerous and much care should exercised while riding. We accept no responsibility or liability for use or misuse of this product. Use at your own risk.

All pre-orders sales are final as they are custom tuned to individual rider weights and personal application. Contact your local Museum or art dealer and ask them what they would be willing to pay for an original hand fabricated set.

Product List

Aero Lite 700c Road ERW Hoop set
Aero Lite 700c Road CARBON wheel set
ALPHA 29" MTB ERW Hoop set
ALPHA 29" MTB CARBON wheel set
Velomobile Hoop set Prototypes