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Britek's "high speed airless" the most efficient bicycle wheel you can purchase.

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Why Airless

Energy Return Wheel benefits:
  • Airless
  • More Efficient
  • High Speed
  • In Wheel suspension
  • Light Weight 
  • Durable
  • Puncture Proof
  • Improved Rolling Resistance
  • Precise Immediate Handling
  • Superior Acceleration
  • Lateral Displacement
  • Hill Clinbing Advantage
  • Anti-Bounce
  • Maintain Momentum 
  • Fly Wheel Effect
  • De-weighting Effect
  • Return Against Gravity
  • Return Against Wind Resistance
  • No More Flats
  • Save Gas Save Money

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ORDER ERW NOW 700c HC Slipstream Road  26" Slingshot MTB  29" Alpha MTB today.

About ERW

Britek's "High Speed Airless", the most efficient bicycle wheel you can purchase.
Our Utility Wheel Patent portfolio is the World's largest in recorded history, the envy of the Global Tire industry.

Screw Force Accumulation and Return for 16% - 22% increase in Drive Train Efficiency. Irregular Bicycle Pedal Stroke is the perfect  candidate to demonstrate the massive effects.

Hub Displacement and Screw Force Powered "Rebound Response" to the Pull of Gravity...Plus for the first time in History... "Wind Resistance". ERW will Empower You against any form of resistance.

ERW is the future of wheeled travel. The 140 year old Pneumatic Tire has run it's course.

Each ERW is hand fabricated from the finest space age materials Custom tuned to your body weight and application.

ERW Testing

USDOT Laboratory tested ERW demonstrated 50% better coast down 55 mph. - 0 vs a 35.5 psi. pneumatic tire.

Bicycle ERW tested Oxylane Laboratory Finland 42 watts to turn a 1.5 meter drum at a constant 20 km/ph while weighted with 50 kilos. The other "airless" test between 75-80 watts.

ERW Patents

Energy return wheel systems and methods 
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Energy return wheel systems and methods 
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Energy efficient wheel system
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Wheel system
US 9004120 B2

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