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Airless Bicycle Tire ERW

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20" BMX

                         700c Road       

26" 1.5 Commuter Bikes

26"MTB          27.5" MTB                                  29" MTB


ERW Never Flat...

Years of "Zero" maintenance... 

Alpha 29er ERW

kyle10bike on ERW equipped Giant Trance X 29er.
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Britek NEVER FLAT Aero light 700c ERW 

Carbon fiber for strength, Kevlar for vibration resistance. Strung tightly  with 18mm speargun rubber and a steel spine. Historic speed is at hand.

Britek MTB  "Prescribed Tread Block"

Britek ERW Bicycle Big Kahuna demo 


<p>Airless Bicycle Tire</p><p>ERW</p><p>Energy Return Wheel</p><p>Never Flat</p><p>Run Flat</p><p>Bike Tire</p><p>29er</p><p>700c</p><p>&nbsp;</p>